Halloween Hat PH 2014


Play for your Life

When: October 31, 2014 (4PM - 12MN) 
Where: The Emperador Stadium, McKinley Hills, Taguig City
Registration: Sept 22, Monday
Registration Fee: P450.00 inclusive of Reg Party, Event Jersey, Water and Ice, Dinner
Registration Party: October 4, Saturday, 6pm at Googel Bar Liberty Center Shaw Blvd (it's a rockeoke night!)

Halloween hucks again! If you failed to join last year's shenanigans, don't miss this year's Halloween Hat as it is bigger and better with prizes from 5 Ultimate, Hat Society and many more! 

This year's theme is inspired by Classic Video Games. We want to see Emperador Stadium as if you were inside a Nintendo, Xbox, Atari or whatever console your generation grew up with! 

We only allotted 136 slots this year (divided into 8 teams) so registration is definitely on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASISShort listed players will receive an email confirmation and payment instruction. Unable to pay the corresponding registration fee of Php 450.00 on or before September 27 will enable the short listed players to lose their slot and wait listed players will be notified. Only payments made through bank deposits/transfers will be honored.

Upon registration, you will be asked to rank your skills and will serve as the basis for generating the teams. Creation of teams will be automated so please evaluate your skill set honestly as the system shuffles the teams according to your ratings (no sandbaggers please!) We want each of the participating teams to be as equally competitive. Don't be shy if you want to be captain, tick the I WANT TO BE CAPTAIN button. We love risk takers here!

Absolutely No Costume No Play. Dress up well cause we prepared really really nice prizes for the Top 3 Best Dressed Individuals and the Best Dressed Team! 

For any important announcements, always visit our Official Facebook Event Page at https://www.facebook.com/events/287829614759238/

For inquiries, email us at halloweenhatph@gmail.com

Who can keep up with the play? Which team will be Game Over? Who are the game changers? Who's team will be the Ultimate Gamelords? Get ready to Play for your Lives Discheads!

Halloween Hat II: The Hucking Games Teams 05 Oct 13:08

Here you go! Captains please coordinate with your players. You have 26 days to go to plan and look for your costume! Best Team Costume will receive prizes from Five Ultimate and there will be 3 individual best costume award too! Number one rule, NO COSTUME NO PLAY. It's Halloween, Ultimate...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Dorkiralpi (Ralph Aguilar) M
2. Brian (Brian Pintac) M
3. Chiara (Chiara Cruz) F
4. ME (marvin estrada) M
5. diatabz (Taboy Gaspay) M
6. Nards (Leonard Laurel) M
7. Fergus (Fergus Cuthill) M
8. weng (Sherwyn Santiago) M
9. BeeJaded (Bee Jaded) M
10. John (John Jerome Lagasca) M
11. Pauline Baculi (Pauline Baculi) F
12. Oli (Olivier Togonon) M
13. Kat Santos (katrina santos) F
14. Che (Che Bello) F
15. Karel (Karel Ribu) M
16. Thunder (Alex-Thunder Cailipan) M
17. Steph (Steph Elumba) F
18. Ken (Kenneth De Guzman) M
19. Mel (Melissa Manuel) F
20. Adi (Adi Tanchoco) M
21. Miah (Miah Gomez) F
22. Alex (Alexandrei Santos) M
23. Trina (Trina Torres) F
24. Ardan (Ardan Arcega) M
25. vin (Alvin Briñosa) M
26. kai (Kai Abueg) F
27. Tin (Tin Santuile) F
28. yok (YokYok Puyok) M
29. Migs (Miguel Asprer) M
30. Chino (Chino Carlos) M
31. julius (Julius Uy) M
32. JP (Jp De Vera) M
33. jb (Jb Sanchez) M
34. Jeph (Jephray Louise Naelgas) M
35. Cha (Cha Cobarrubia) F
36. Jays (Jayson Sunga) M
37. Bats (Batibut Cuyugan) F
38. JC (JC Ty) M
39. Ced (Cedric Palomares) M
40. Quino (Quino Cunanan) M
41. Mitzie (Mitzie de Leon) F
42. Wax (Joaquin Heras) M
43. Julia (Julia Templo) F
44. Xian (Xian Manimtim) F
45. Marko (Marko Romero) M
46. Xy (Xylene Bernardez) F
47. David (David Louie Masangkay) M
48. Joan (Joan Almonte) F
49. Roma (Roma Terucha) F
50. Chino (Chino Mendez) M
51. Vince (Vince Adinheil Ortego) M
52. Karth (Karth Ian) M
53. Mike (Michael Cubillas) M
54. Troy (Troy Carbungco) M
55. oak (Rainier Valde) M
56. Vlade (Vlade Mark Navarro) M
57. ben (Ben Silva) M
58. Ej (Ej Feliciano) M
59. Jay (Jay Herson Ramos) M
60. adrick (Adrick Aznar) M
62. James (James Sanchez) M
63. Ram (Cholo Rey) M
64. Milo Tan (Milo Tan) M
65. Louie (Louie Santos) F
66. Harvey (Deaneze Miras) M
67. JAMES (James Paguiligan) M
68. Anna De Vera (Anna de Vera) F
69. JC (Jc Gonzales) M
70. Hazel (Hazel Tan) F
71. JJ (Jj Sison) M
72. Kitkat (Kristine Mari Matutina) F
73. Aning (Ann Margaret Ang-Sison) F
74. tito (Tito Ibe III) M
75. Aron (Aron Arceo) M
76. jaymie (Jaymie Versoza) F
77. Jason (Jason Rombaoa) M
78. Vic (Rey Victor Pabro) M
79. cristine (Cristine Lacson) F
80. Anj (Anj Nguyen) F
81. agu (Agu Veloso) M
82. Cesky (Eddie Princess Manfoste) F
83. Adrian (Adrian Posadas) M
84. Zashi (Zashi Pelegrino) F
85. Sam (Sarah Mae Bernadette Jaspio) F
86. Adrian (Adrian Javier) M
87. Mik (Mik Balilihan) F
88. Miggy (Miguel DeDios) M
89. Yen (Lalaine Guingcangco) F
90. Renz (Renzcel Silverio) M
91. Elpee (Elpee Macapagal) F
92. Kaye (Kaye Carait) F
93. Ther (Therese Borra) F
94. Jaz (Jason Haig) M
95. JB (Jb Aquino) M
96. Fran (Fran Blanco) F
97. Candy (Kathleen Dalogdog) F
98. Naaaaargh. (Nad Abadilla) M
99. kate (Kate Sandoval) F
100. Papot (Papot Padilla) F
101. Chris (Chris Padilla) M
102. Stak (Christian Militante) M
103. Micro (Micro Daryl Robles) M
104. Nelsi (Nelsi Asperas) F
105. ileyn (Ellaine Benavides) F
106. kaji (Kaji Ebin) M
107. Vio (Vio Ganibi) M
108. Wil (Wilfred Curiba) M
109. dawn (Dawn Dimapilis) M
110. aubrey (Aubrey Marie Bartolome) F
111. Tash (Tash Caluza) F
112. Tantan (Jonathan Santos) M
113. Ernest Tan M
114. Inat (Iñaki Melchor) M
115. Miko (Miko Rafael Dominguez) M
116. ian (Ian Villar) M
117. LEI (Lei Carino) F
118. Mj (Miko Sepanton) M
119. Jj (Jj Lucero) M
120. Nigel (Nigel Myth Bello) M
121. Mags (Mags Morten Malatamban) M
122. Mitzi (Mitzi Canafranca) F
123. Veek (Jay Denorte) M
124. Cricket (Ma. Criselda Lupos) F
125. allen (Allen Gopico) M
126. AK (Ackk Apari) F
127. martin (Martin Duenas) M
128. Ave (Ave Pinuela) M
129. albino (Alvin Pura) M
130. sha (Shannen Espinosa) F
131. Wowie (Christopher Laurel) M
132. Ron (Ronald Domingo) M
133. Prince (Prince Andrew Beltran) M
134. deedee (Denise Dianne Tabije) F
135. Christian De Vera (Christian De Vera) M
136. Orange (Orange Buenaflor) F
137. JP (JP Tamayo) M
138. Anjo (Anjo Umali) M
139. Tin (Tin Garcia) F
140. LegenGaryLicious (Gary LLanes) M
141. niko (Niko Caballero) M
142. Aaron (Aaron Carreon) M